Customized Camera car

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  • Mercedes Benz
    Sprinter 515

    Camera car

  • Plataforma

    Front camera platform

    Very close to the floor, useful for camera setup and crew

  • Main camera platform

    Ideal to be used with the Scorpio 23 telescopic crane

  • Hydraulic suspension, adjustable

    Choose the hardness of the suspension according to the load

  • Top cabin platform

    Useful for camera setup and crew

  • Black matte painting

    Avoid unwanted reflections


  • Vehicle

    Both its reliability and its safety features were key for picking this vehicle to turn it into our camera car.

  • Matte black color

    Matte paint keeps reflections to a minimum thus reducing the chances of vehicle reflections appearing on the shot.

  • Platforms

    Platforms can be mounted both at the front and at the rear of the vehicle allowing for very flexible camera and crew positioning.

  • 1 ½” Speed Rails

    Platforms allow for anchorage to raise a rail system with aluminum rods and 1 ½” speed-rail for protecting crew and equipment.

  • Adjustable Pneumatic suspension

    Suspension can be adjusted depending on the load weight.

Ideal for use with ...

Scorpio 23

Scorpio 23’ Telescopic Crane

It is the first of a series of telescopic cranes that Servicevision is designing to have smooth, silent and effective camera movements through telescopic arms.

For the arms to get more rigid and even, they are made of aluminum extrusion.

Arms have top and bottom wheels for stability, as well as two lateral cables. This way, cable adjustment becomes easier and twice safer.

Technical documentation in PDF
Mini Scorpio

Mini SCORPIO 2 Axis Remote Head

This is a very easy to use, programmable head. It can take any type of our Film & Digital Cameras, up to 45 Kgs. The camera can do 360° both on the Tilt & Pan Axis. It works with our ARRI Lens Control System. The equipment travels just in 3 Flight Cases.

Controls available.
Pan bar / JDR

Technical documentation in PDF
Tow Dolly

Tow Dolly

The Tow Dolly suspends the front wheels of a picture vehicle and both are towed, in turn, by the Camera Car.

  • Ensures a fixed clearance from the camera car
  • Spares the other car’s driver the trouble of driving

Also available on demand ...

3 Axis Stabilized SCORPIO Remote Head

3 Axis Stabilized SCORPIO Remote Head

Gyro-stabilized head in 5 axes to control and stabilize the movement of the cinema or television camera.
The mechanical and electronic designs make it one of the most sturdy, reliable and advanced in its category. The technological design and development are from Servicevision, and they don’t have any double-use technology or legal restriction for its usage.

Technical documentation in PDF

Vehicle daily rate

US$ 1500 / day

Camera car Mercedes Benz Sprinter 515

Recommended accesories

US$ 1448 / day

Scorpio 23 Telescopic Crane

US$ 1110 / day

Mini Scorpio Remote Head

US$ 250 / day

TOW Dolly